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  • Domestic & Commercial Systems
  • Single or Multi Door Systems 
  • Key Fob Systems 
  • Pin Code Systems
  • System Maintenance
  • Access Control Servicing
  • Handover & System Training  
  • Video Entry Systems
  • Integrated Systems
  • On-Site Support Engineering
  • Existing System Upgrades
  • Access Control Service Take Over
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    For many years Access Control and Door Entry Systems have been used to restrict access to unauthorised persons to different areas of a building.

    The systems used today can restrict different persons at different times of the day (E.G Bill can go into rooms 1,5 & 6 between 0800hrs - 2000hrs but not before or after).

    Simpler systems are popular for allowing the main entrance door to be opened without having to actually run to the entrance to allow the visitor in, a simple press of a button will allow your visitor access.

    New Access Control Systems

    This year has also seen plenty of new systems being installed by Scorpion Group. Every new install has a standard twelve month warrantee (parts and labour) and all parts used are quality parts manufactured by leading security manufacturers.

    If you require a new Access Control system for your property click here to contact us.

    If you have a new system already but you have not got a Security Service Provider, or you have not been happy with your existing installer, please contact us and see if we can achieve where others have failed. At your request we would 'take over' your security system and provide service for you and your Access Control System.

    System Upgrade

    As the years pass many older systems are coming to the end of their stable live's. We have recently been able to satisfy the needs of many customers who have had unfortunate system 'break downs'. These systems were not originally installed by ourselves but we were able to take over the system, replace the unstable parts and re-build a fully working access control system within budget and time limits provided to us. 

    Service Provider

    Who is going to be there for you and your system in the event of a system fault? Have YOU got a Security Service Provider? We are only an e-mail or call away! Our servicing and maintenance prices have not increased with the 'Credit Crunch'. Service costs have remained the same value and cost as they were 5 years ago and we have no need to increase these charges either. This is probably a big part of our repeat domestic and commercial custom year after year.  

    Preventative Maintenance

    Access Control systems do need care and attention and that is exactly what we will provide for your system. A 'Preventative Maintenance' visit will involve your system being checked for physical and electronic non-conformities which can occur over time. The system should be checked every year (bi-annually if required). We will contact you before your system is due for preventative maintenance and it is then the system owners responsibility to ensure the system maintenance takes place.

    Your Access Control Has Problems?

    Just to reassure you, you are not the first to have a 'faulty' or problematic access control system and you will not be the last! Call 01452 525397 or Email and let us come to you and see what we can do for you. Generically a fault is one part of the system and normally identifying and repairing or replacing that one faulty part can repair the system. Have you had the system serviced? This is not expensive and can be completed in around an hour (Depending on system size).

    It's Your Property - Let's Keep It That Way.....

    Our Access Control Department are available to install, maintain or repair your (Video) Door Entry System. With such a wide range of available Access Control equipment, Scorpion Group can ensure you are able to control who gets through.


    Scorpion Group Security are ready to Install, Repair, Maintain & Service Access Control & Door Entry systems in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Oxford, Bristol & Swindon

    Rely on a security company you can trust.

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