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  • Click Here For The Answer!"My Alarm is 7 years old, it has never been touched since it was fitted - surely it's like brand new still?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"Why does my alarm go off outside when we have a power cut?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"We have now got a cat so we cannot use the system - is this true?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"I dont know how to change my code?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"Our alarm is under contract but i have been recommended to use you - is this ok?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"I have moved into a new house - there's alarm things on the wall but i know nothing about them - can you help?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"How much will it cost me for a new control panel?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"Do you financially lease alarm systems?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"We need a complete burglar alarm - how quickly can it be booked in to be fitted?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"Can my garage be alarmed seperately?"
  • Click Here For The Answer!"Our neighbours alarm is terrible - will our new one be the same?"


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